TGSSS Week 2 – Part 1 – The Great Soriano Summer Sweeps – Holy Week Edition

23 April 2019

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The week of April 15 is week 2 of TGSSS or “The Great Soriano Summer Sweeps,” and to make the week more challenging, I introduced a theme, and of course, the theme was “Holy Week.” I asked my kids to think about the significance on the Holy Week and to do a project based on […]

The week of April 15 is week 2 of TGSSS or “The Great Soriano Summer Sweeps,” and to make the week more challenging, I introduced a theme, and of course, the theme was “Holy Week.”

I asked my kids to think about the significance on the Holy Week and to do a project based on what they have learned. I also said that I would be asking questions, so they should be prepared.

As we approached April 19, Friday (which was Good Friday), I was panicking because Kristine and Lucas didn’t seem too stressed out, although I was sure they would be cramming everything right before the presentation (just like what I would probably do). I was cramming as well on the questions I was going to ask them. Also, I was dared to have a project too, so I was looking for something to do that was in theme. I was also seriously doing my guitar lessons exercises, so my time was occupied.

I was working from Monday to Wednesday (even if I was planning to go on leave on those days), and we spent Thursday and Friday just at home—not wanting to join the traffic of everyone on vacation.

So Good Friday, 8 PM arrived. Presentation time. This week, there was no presentation. They just did drawings. Kristine gave me three pencil drawings with no color. Lucas gave me two drawings, one in pen and another in pencil, also no color.

My initial reaction? They obviously had difficulty with the theme, and it limited them in what they produced. This was fine, but I told them I was not overall impressed or happy with the results. And before people start telling me “How can you say that to your kids?”  I will tell you this. The kids needed to understand that getting by or submitting for the sake of submitting was not going to cut it. I knew they rushed the production of the drawings. The finished products were rough, erasures very apparent, and in Lucas’ case, he had a major misspelling!  And if you know me at all, this is the number one No-No for me!

I had to explain to them that I wanted quality work. They should review their work. They should make sure their work was clean. Rewards would only be given for work that were thoughtful and with hard work put into them. I am not averse to cramming myself, but even while cramming, there has to be real quality there. And no one is ever too young to learn this lesson.

I asked them to submit something else on Saturday.  Not because I wanted to be difficult,  but because I knew they had it in them to do more.

Black Saturday came, I received one drawing from Kristine, this time in pen, and there was a pop of color. Once I saw it, I knew…this was what I was waiting for from her. THIS was her quality work.

From Lucas, I received several colored works – mostly depicting Easter and the Easter bunny. He knew Easter was a part of Holy Week, and this was his interpretation, so, I was fine with it. He used colors, and in his own way, he did put in the effort.

In summary:

Kristine’s Work

Picture #1 – a little girl reading the Bible and reflecting on what she’s read. Kristine drew a church, a baby under a star (signifying Jesus Christ’s birth), a cross (signifying Jesus Christ’s passion and death), and the tablets of the 10 commandments, with the actual 10 commandments written on them.

I wasn’t able to reflect on this drawing the first time I saw it, maybe because of the lack of color, but now, as I type this blog entry, I am seeing it as if for the first time, and I realized that although it was rough, a lot of thought went into it. By writing down the ten commandments, she also read and internalized them. She also basically indicated that Holy Week or Lent for that matter is really about the Life and Death of Christ, and the church symbolized us, His church.







Picture #2 – Mama Mary.









Picture #3 – A girl fervently praying. The Holy Week is about reflection and prayers.








Picture #4 – This is what she submitted on Saturday. Her masterpiece for the week—Jesus with the crown of thorns and a red heart on the side.







Lucas’s Work

Picture #1 – Heaven and Hell. What struck me first was the misspelling, so that might have already ruined it for me. But now, looking at the drawing, it strikes me that Lucas is trying to go for the dichotomy of Good vs. Evil (of course, without him being aware that he is doing this). It is still very black and white to him.  Heaven is where you go when you’re a good person. Hell is where you go when you’re bad. Hell is where you cook ham. Yeah. That’s what he drew.  Messy and misspelled though it is, it gave me a peak into how Lucas thinks. And I like the way he thinks!






Picture #2 – A cross with wings. In INK! Knowing Lucas, this is very, very rare! That he was able to use a pen to draw something and there was absolutely no erasure! The fact that he chose this design out of all the other potential drawings he could have done, makes him cool in my book. This would make a great tattoo. For me, this is his masterpiece of the week.







Picture # 3 – Easter Bunny. This was supposed to be part of his submission on Friday, but it went missing during submission time. He was so mad that he couldn’t find it. He finally found it a few days later under the sofa. It fell through the gap between the sofa back and the wall.





Picture # 4 – Easter Bunny. He tried to recreate the missing picture. I am still unclear what the shape beside the bunny is.







Picture #5 – This was not submitted. It was actually already in the trash. But the maid thought this was the missing picture, so she gave it to me. I found it adorably cute, so I kept it.




For the art/creative part of the challenge, I ended the week on a high. For the results of the question and answer portion, go to Part 2.