About Yeyet

Yeyet Soriano is a multi-genre author who writes speculative fiction, crime fiction and contemporary romance. She started writing first as an angst-ridden teenager, then continued to do so as a single working woman, then as a married working woman with kids. Though the themes of her written works have changed over the years, she held on to one truth—she needs to write to keep the voices in her head at bay.

Based in Manila, Philippines, her day job is that of an Asia-Pacific regional senior IT manager for a multinational corporation. She is married to a man who has never read of any of her works (he only reads to fall asleep), and they have three wonderful kids—a daughter in college and who is pursuing her passion for street dance, a sweet daughter in seventh grade who is a budding poet and writer in her own right, and a son in fourth grade who is unbelievably smart and charming but takes after his dad in that he won’t read unless forced..

Get in touch with her through the social media accounts indicated in this site’s footer or through e-mail.