Fairy Queen-In-Waiting

From the Talecraft Master Story Creators' Anthology 1: Of Fans, Dragons and Blood

Rae hated tradition, which dictated that upon reaching her twenty-first birthday, she would be crowned the Fairy Queen and she would marry the man selected to be her king.  The problem was, tradition also dictated that her sister, Fall, would need to sacrifice her wings to a dragon in order to keep the peace in the realm. To make matters worse, the man Rae was supposed to marry, Leaf, was in love with her sister, Fall.  Rae didn’t want to be queen, she didn’t want to marry Leaf and she didn’t want her sister to sacrifice her wings. So a week before her twenty-first birthday, she set out to offer the dragon her own wings—there was only one problem, Coal, her childhood tormentor, discovered her plot and wants in on the mission. 


Also a Sachet Novel, available on the Cherry Fun Club mobile platform.