In My Dreams

Welcome to Barrio Malaya!

Welcome to Barrio Malaya, a rustic town where Life and Death meet. It is one of the stops of a high-speed train system, which the dying board to go to their next destination.

In her dreams, sixteen-year-old Olivia “Liv” Roxas has unlimited access to Barrio Malaya. She first visited the place as a child with her father when they met an accident. They explored the town and rode the train together, but at some point, they got separated. She woke up to a reality without her father, and with an emotionally distant alcoholic mother who sheltered her from the outside world.

Nineteen-year-old Gabriel “Gab” Sahagun first came to Barrio Malaya when he was twelve years old. Victims of a freak accident, he and his parents already had their tickets to ride the train, but at the last minute, a faceless stranger pulled him back. He woke up in the real world, discovering he was an orphan with a new unusual talent—the ability to transfer Death using his body as a medium.

Liv and Gab meet and fall in love in Barrio Malaya, even though they have never met in real life. But that is about to change, because Gab has acquired a terminal condition that he can’t transfer. As he lies dying in the real world, it is up to Liv to find him, find a person to transfer the condition to, and get that person to Gab before he dies.

Did we mention that Liv has never set out from her house alone in all her life?